Initial Evaluation

To begin your planning and know if your profile is eligible to one or more immigration programs to Canada, we offer an initial evaluation with a consultant. In this initial evaluation, the consultant will explain which are the ideal programs for your profile. On top of that, we offer all our support, orientation and accompaniment when applying to the programs.

Characteristics of the initial evaluation

  • Survey of the immigration criteria and their respective points;
  • Customized planning guidance;
  • Reduced risk of errors in the decision-making process due to lack of knowledge;
  • Advice with specialized professional and with several years of experience in immigration processes;
  • More security in the decision-making process;
  • Economy of time based on a structured planning;
  • Avoid the loss of time in hours of reading on the Internet, which in most cases transmit us information outdated or wrong;
  • Approximate duration of 60 minutes.


CAD$ 100